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Using Points

About the program

Designed exclusively for small and mid-sized companies, the VoeBiz Program helps you manage corporate travel more efficiently and economically, as well as accrue points and redeem them for new tickets. You can sign up for free!

Save more on business travel

By joining the VoeBiz Program, your company will optimize the management of travel costs and have access to exclusive promotions.


You get access to services that will make your employees work much easier. Companies participating in the VoeBiz program that fly GOL, Air France or KLM can enjoy benefits such as: GOL+ Conforto, La Première, Business Class and much more

Benefits for your company and your employees

Your company accrues points with VoeBiz and employees participating in the Smiles and Flying Blue programs continue to accrue miles.

When you register for our program, your company starts to accrue points with corporate travel when employees choose to fly with GOL, Air France or KLM. The points can be redeemed for new tickets. Checking how many VoeBiz points your company has is easy, just go to and login in at the My Account area or click here.

Note: passengers who are members of the Smiles or Flying Blue programs continue to accrue miles. Enjoy twice as many benefits by flying with VoeBiz partner airlines, companies accrue VoeBiz points and their employees also accrue miles.

  • How to ACCRUE points

    To accrue points, simply provide your VoeBiz number when purchasing a ticket.


  • Points can only be accrued after the flight has been completed.
  • Only tickets associated with a valid VoeBiz number can accrue points.
  • If the VoeBiz number was not provided at the time of purchase, it is possible to accrue points retroactively up to 30 days after the flight date.
    *For Air France and KLM flights the deadline is 60 days after the flight.
  • How to REDEEM points

    To redeem your points, go to


  • Each participating company will have only one VoeBiz number and account manager, known as the Travel Manager. Only the Travel Manager (with a valid user name and password) is able to redeem points.
  • Redeeming points does not accrue points or Smiles or Flying Blue miles.
  • Only the price of the ticket can be paid in points. All airport fees must be paid with money (credit card, GOL UATP or other available payment option).

Based on the frequency your company accrues classified into one of two loyalty categories in the VoeBiz Program:


  • The entry category of the program, which gives the company access to all the basic benefits, such as accrual and redemption of points, as well as the GOL UATP and points accelerator.

  • The category for companies that have accrued more than 70,000 eligible points, which in addition to the basic benefits, this category offers a 5% discount on tickets for flights operated by GOL.

Please note: the Prime category discount is offered through an exclusive promotional code provided to the company.

With the VoeBiz Program, you can manage your business trips and even accrue and redeem points to purchase new tickets. Enjoy all of this without having to pay a membership fee.

GOL is the airline that serves the most passengers in Brazil, operating around 700 flights every day. It offers various services like Geolocation, GOL + Conforto and much more to better meet the needs of your company and the employees.

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With Air France, your company can fly to over 40 destinations in Europe. The onboard service features traditional French cuisine, making the flight a unique experience.

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KLM offers special benefits so your company can go even farther. The entertainment options, onboard service with meals on all of its flights and apps will make life easier for you and your employees.

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Looking for more information about the VoeBiz Program? Don't worry, find the answers to your questions in our policies and rules.

1.1 The terms used in these General Conditions of the GOLVoeBiz Frequent Flyer Loyalty Program shall have the following meanings:

1.2 Commercial Agreement: the agreement entered into between GOL and a company whose purpose is to set forth the fare conditions applicable to that company's employees on work travels using GOL and its partner airlines.

1.3 VoeBiz Prize Ticket or Prize Ticket: online form that must be mandatorily filled in by the company willing to be a member of the VoeBiz Program and submitted to GOL for approval.

1.4 VoeBiz Program Enrollment: fonline form that must be mandatorily filled in by the company willing to be a member of the VoeBiz Program and submitted to GOL for approval.

1.5 VoeBiz Service and Relationship Center: a service and relationship channel targeted at the VoeBiz Program enrolled members and/or interested parties. Updated channel information is available from the VoeBiz Portal.

1.6 General Conditions: the agreement governing the relations between GOL and the VoeBiz Program Member Company.

1.7 Date of Adhesion: date on which a confirmation is sent by GOL to the member company via e-mail informing that the General Conditions are effective and applicable to the Member Company.

1.8 Member Company: a company that has chosen to participate in the VoeBiz Program, meeting all the required conditions established by GOL, and which has expressly accepted the General Conditions.

1.9 VoeBiz Reservation Tool: on-line tool available from the VoeBiz Portal to issue Prize Tickets.

1.10 Travel Manager: employee of the Member Company whose name is supplied during the enrollment process as the person of contact who will be authorized to bind the Company to the VoeBiz Program. This person shall jointly and severally represent said Member Company during the time of its participation in the VoeBiz Program.

1.11 GOL: CBrazilian airline company, GOL LINHAS AÉREAS S.A., with headquarters at Praça Senador Salgado Filho, s/nº, Aeroporto Santos Dumont, Térreo, Área Pública, entre os eixos 46-48/O-P, Sala de Gerência - Back Office, CEP: 20021-340, in the City and State of Rio de Janeiro, registered with the National Register of Corporate Taxpayers CNPJ/MF under no. 07.575.651/0001-59 and a branch at Praça Comandante Lineu Gomes, s/nº, Portaria 3, Aeroporto, CEP 04626-020, in the City and State of São Paulo, registered with the National Register of Corporate Taxpayers CNPJ/MF under No. CNPJ/MF 07.575.651/0004-00.

1.12 Record Locator: flight reservation code used by passengers to access information on their flights or to cancel them.

1.13 Air ticket: flight reservation number issued by a DL or AFKL sales channel through which the passenger will be able to make inquiries for retrocredit purposes.

1.14 VoeBiz Account Number: enrollment number supplied by GOL to the Company's Travel Manager when the Company complies with the adhesion requirements of the VoeBiz Program. As soon as the new Member Company is assigned the VoeBiz account number, the General Conditions between GOL and the Member Company will be validated.

1.15 Partner Airlines airline companies designated by GOL as Partner Airlines on whose flights VoeBiz Points can be accumulated. The updated list of Partner Airlines is available for inquiries on the VoeBiz Portal.

1.16 VoeBiz Points: credits accumulated by the VoeBiz Program Member Companies by purchasing GOL's air tickets. These credits can be used for the purchase of Prize Tickets according to the General Conditions.

1.17 VoeBiz Portal: an on-line channel whose domain name is

1.18 Prize: the MEMBER Company will be allowed to redeem the VoeBiz Points available as a prize or incentive when they are made available by GOL on the VoeBiz Portal.

1.19 VoeBiz Program or VoeBiz: a relationship program created by GOL only for Brazilian companies holding a valid CNPJ registration number, and having no effective commercial agreements with GOL. Travel agencies, consolidators, tour operators and similar companies are not eligible and are not allowed to participate in the program.

1.20 VoeBiz Publications: communication media used by VoeBiz to keep the Member Companies updated on a regular basis, such as the VoeBiz portal and VoeBiz e-mails.

2.1 Adhesion to the VoeBiz Program is only allowed to companies headquartered in Brazil, having no effective Commercial Agreement with GOL, and whose main or secondary activity is not that of a travel agency, consolidator, tour operator and/or similar ones.

2.2 Before enrolling in the VoeBiz Program, the interested company should read all the General Conditions, including their possible amendments. After completing the VoeBiz Enrollment form, the company willing to adhere to the VoeBiz Program will express its agreement to all rules, terms and conditions set forth in these regulations. In the event of a disagreement, the enrollment of the interested party in the VoeBiz Program will not be possible.

2.3 The enrollment in the VoeBiz Program should be made by the interested company in the VoeBiz Portal or through other service channels that are made available by GOL. During the enrollment process, the interested party will be requested to supply information on it, including but not limited to the registered name of the company, fantasy name, number of registration with the National Register of Corporate Taxpayers, number of employees, area of activity, main activity, address for communications and phone number.

2.4 During the adhesion process, the interested company will appoint a single Travel Manager. The Travel Manager must be an employee of the company empowered to represent it under its by-laws or articles of association, who shall file the application for adhesion. The e-mail address of the Travel Manager is required and must be supplied during the enrollment process.

2.5 During the enrollment process, the interested company agrees to receive the VoeBiz Publications which are an integral part of the VoeBiz Program. The interested company is required to provide GOL with a correct and valid e-mail address. In the event of any change in the registration data of the Member Company or of the Travel Manager, the Member Company shall notify GOL in writing at least ten (10) days in advance.

2.6 It is the responsibility of the Member Company to keep its registration information complete and duly updated under the penalty of being not eligible to make use of all prizes, advantages and benefits offered by the VoeBiz Program.

2.7 GOL shall not be responsible for possible damages or losses the interested company may suffer as a result of incorrect data or information supplied by the Travel Manager. When enrolling in the VoeBiz Program, the Member Company will declare that every information supplied is true and trustworthy for all purposes under the law, and is subject to all legal penalties, particularly those established by Law No. 7115 of August 29, 1983 and Art. 299 of the Penal Code (misrepresentation).

3.1 The analysis of the application for enrollment in the VoeBiz Program will be made by GOL according to its own analysis criteria. It is up to GOL to approve or reject an application. GOL reserves the right to reject, at its own discretion, the enrollment of any company that does not meet the requirements to participate in the VoeBiz Program.

3.2 Travel agents and affiliates of organizations handling the sales of travels, air tickets and/or tour packages are not authorized to participate and shall not be accepted in the VoeBiz Program. Likewise, employees of travel agencies will not be accepted as Travel Managers acting on behalf of a Member Company.

3.3 For the analysis of the application for enrollment, GOL may ask for the submission of documents proving the identity of the Member Company as well as other information supplied

3.4 At the approval stage of the application for enrollment in the VoeBiz Program, the interested company shall only submit the enrollment form.

3.5 After the enrollment process on the VoeBiz Portal is concluded, GOL will check that the enrolled company complies with the General Conditions and will inform the Travel Manager by e-mail about the approval or rejection in up to five (5) working days.

4.1 After the enrollment approval, the VoeBiz Account number will be created. The VoeBiz Points, accumulations, redemptions, time for expiration of points, information about flights, as well as other reference date of the Member Company will be recorded under this number.

4.2 GOL will inform the Member Company Travel Manager the VoeBiz Account number. This will be done through the e-mail address supplied during the enrollment process. The Member Company shall be responsible for its use of the VoeBiz Number. The Member Company will be entitled to one VoeBiz Number only.

4.3 The Travel Manager is responsible for the password and login information and should not share the password with other employees of the Member Company.

4.4 The Adhesion to the VoeBiz Program is non-transferable and the Travel Manager will immediately inform GOL about any change of address, headquarters, termination of activities and any other change involving the Member Company.

4.5 The Member Company is allowed to hold a single VoeBiz Account only. If the existence of more than one VoeBiz Account held by the same Member Company is found out, GOL reserves the right to cancel the duplicate enrolled account, keeping active the VoeBiz Account holding the largest number of VoeBiz Points. The VoeBiz points that may exist in the canceled account will be the subject matter of an internal analysis of GOL. If the cancellation does not result from the suspicion of a fraudulent and illicit issue or an irregular enrollment containing untrue information, the VoeBiz Points will be transferred to the account that remains active.

4.6 The Travel Manager will be the only party authorized to manage the enrollment of the Member Company in the VoeBiz Program with his/her respective password and login. However, employees of the Member Company are allowed to accumulate VoeBiz Points by inserting the number of the VoeBiz Account when issuing air tickets.

5.1 The VoeBiz Points are for the exclusive use of the Member Company and are non-transferable. It is forbidden to transfer them to third parties for whatever the reason, such as but not limited to cases involving the sale, purchase, donation, exchange, assignment, succession, inheritance or any other kind of free-of-charge or onerous transfer. Under no circumstance or context, the VoeBiz Points may be fully or partially converted into cash.

5.2 The Member Companies may accumulate VoeBiz Points, provided that the following criteria are met on a cumulative basis: (i) purchase of tickets from GOL (G3), Air France (AF) or KLM (KL) (ii) reservation class or fare shown on the ticket is one of the classes or fares included in the VoeBiz Program; (iii) issue of the GOL ticket (G3), Air France (AF) or KLM (KL) in the name of the employee of the Member Company; (iv) at the time of a flight reservation, GOL, Air France or KLM shall be informed of the VoeBiz Account Number before the ticket used is issued.

5.3 GOL will have a term of thirty (30) days after the flight date and confirmation of the air ticket being used with the VoeBiz Pints Account Number to realize the credit of the VoeBiz Points of the Member Company for flights operated by GOL. For flights operated by Air France or KLM, the term is ninety (90) days.

5.4 The VoeBiz Points are for a one-time credit in the VoeBiz Account of the Member Company.

5.5 According to the policy established by GOL and Partner Airlines, the following events will not generate an accumulation of VoeBiz Points:

5.5.1 domestic or international charter fight;

5.5.2 domestic or international flight with the use of an air ticket granted by courtesy or in prize awards and draws conducted by partner airlines or commercial partnerships, including air tickets redeemed with Smiles Mileage or BlueBiz points;

5.6 GOL may reverse the VoeBiz Points credited to the VoeBiz Account of the Member Company if (i) the use of the airline ticket has not been duly completed, including the respective payment, if applicable; (ii) it is found out that the VoeBiz Points were purchased in an illicit, irregular, fraudulent way or out of the terms of the Regulations and their General Conditions; and (iii) it is found out that the redemption of VoeBiz Points occurred in an illicit, irregular, fraudulent way or out of the terms of these Regulations and their General Conditions.

6.1 The VoeBiz Points will only be credited to the VoeBiz Account when the use of the air tickets has been proved and the flights have been really completed.

6.2 The VoeBiz Points shall be assigned to the Member Companies without prejudice to the accumulation of miles in other frequent flyer loyalty programs in which they are granted in the name of the natural person, employee of the Member Company. No duplicate accumulation is acceptable in a loyalty program targeted at a legal entity.

6.3 VoeBiz Prize Tickets, that is, tickets which were issued with VoeBiz Points, are not eligible for the accumulation of VoeBiz Points, or another accumulation in other loyalty programs. Likewise, the tickets redeemed with miles from other loyalty programs will not be eligible for the accumulation of VoeBiz Points.

6.4 The VoeBiz Points will be valid for two (2) full calendar years counting from the date on which the VoeBiz Points were credited to the balance of the VoeBiz account of the Member Company. This will be subject to the adhesion conditions being completed as per Article 2 above. The points will automatically expire after the two-year period.

6.5 The VoeBiz Points may not be sold, exchanged or assigned free of charge or at a cost, from one VoeBiz Account to other accounts of the VoeBiz Program Member Companies. The violation of this section shall imply the exclusion and cancellation of the VoeBiz Account and, as a result, a cancellation of the points.

6.6 In the event of a consolidation, spin-off, merger or acquisition in which the Member Company is terminated or its rights are transferred to a successor company under the law in force, the VoeBiz Points will only be transferred to another Member Company that assumes the rights and obligations of the terminated Member Company, upon its consent in writing forwarded by the VoeBiz Service and Relationship Center. When applying for the transfer of VoeBizPoints, the Member Company is required to indicate to which company the points will be transferred. Also, it is required to forward the company's documents that substantiate its rights to receive the VoeBiz Points. The deadline for this transfer is the expiration date of the accumulated points. After the transfer is completed, the original validity of the points remains in force. The total number of points will be transferred in a single transaction. After the transfer is completed, the status of the company that originated the points will be updated as canceled.

6.7 If the VoeBiz Account Number is not supplied when the reservation is made, the administrator is allowed to ask for the VoeBiz Points retroactively for flights operated by GOL in up to 30 days after the flight dates. In the case of flights operated by Air France or KLM, the time is up to 90 days after the flight dates, using the same application form as for the retroactive points which is available from the VoeBiz Portal.

6.8 The charges due and/or any other additional financial obligation or any obligation arising from the use of VoeBiz Prize Tickets and/or other prizes shall be borne by the Member Company.

8.1 GOL reserves the right to modify or cancel the General Conditions, including the earning structure and the exchange of VoeBiz Points and/or the closing down of the entire VoeBiz Program. In the event of modifications or changes in the VoeBiz Program, the Member Company will be notified by means of VoeBiz Publications and the changes will become effective 30 calendar days after the date of the notification or the date when the information is sent.

8.2 If the Member Company disagrees with those modifications, it must submit its arguments to GOL in writing within 30 calendar days after the notification. After a time of 30 days, the non-submission of an answer or the occurrence of a transaction or use of the VoeBiz Account shall imply a consent with the changes in the General Conditions.

8.3 If the Member Company does not accept the changes, it must immediately notify GOL and, starting on the date the notice is sent, the Member Company will lose the VoeBiz Points that are being processed. However, under the terms of Section 6.4, the VoeBiz Points already credited will be kept with their original validity - two (2) full calendar years counting from the date on which the VoeBiz Points were credited to the balance of the Member Company VoeBiz Account.

8.4 GOL reserves the right to close down the VoeBiz Program at any time, at its sole discretion. If GOL closes down the VoeBiz Program, the Member Companies shall no longer accumulate the VoeBiz Points from the date the closing down is notified and the accumulated VoeBiz Points can be used in up to 6 months following the date the notice is sent.

8.5 GOL shall not be responsible for any damage or loss resulted from any change in the General Conditions or as a result of the closing down of the VoeBiz Program.

8.6 It is expressly forbidden any type of commercialization of VoeBiz Points, such as sale, purchase, brokerage, resale, change or exchange of VoeBiz Points, Prize Tickets or other Prizes. The violation of this provision confers GOL the right to cancel the VoeBiz Account Number and definitively exclude the violating Member Company and other violators of the VoeBiz Program, without prejudice to the liability of the violator in the administrative, civil and penal spheres.

8.7 In the event of a false statement, fraud or violation of these General Conditions, abusive use or nonfulfillment of the VoeBiz Program, procedures or instructions of GOL's employees, or an improper conduct of the Member Company, its Travel Manager and/or its employees, regarding GOL and the Partner Airlines and/or companies affiliated to GOL, GOL reserves the right to suspend immediately the adhesion of the Member Company and/or cancel the balance of VoeBiz Points, including all VoeBiz Points accumulated or in the process of validation, and the issued Prize Tickets.

8.8 If the Member Company (i) transfers its headquarters to a country other than Brazil and/or (ii) if the enrollment or authorization for the company to perform the activities is canceled, and/or (iii) if the Member Company terminates its professional activities as a result of a voluntary or involuntary liquidation or for any other reason, GOL reserves the right to terminate the Member Company account immediately.

8.9 If a Member Company stops accumulating VoeBiz Points within a period of twenty-four (24) months, GOL reserves the right to deactivate and terminate the Company's VoeBiz Account. In this case, the Member Company will also lose any VoeBiz Points accumulated since the Date of Adhesion.

8.10 GOL will use the VoeBiz Publications to inform the Member Companies about opportunities to redeem the VoeBiz Points for Prize Tickets and other prizes, which will all be undergoing checks regarding the availabilities and the possibilities at the time of reservation. GOL reserves the right to add new rules to the Prize Tickets and other prizes at any time, and also change and/or increase the sum of VoeBiz Points required to validate the redemption.

10.1 GOL reserves the right to audit the accounts of the VoeBiz Program Member Companies at any time, with no prior notice to the Member Companies. The audit allows GOL to ensure compliance with the VoeBiz General Conditions and makes it possible to detect any case or intention of fraud. By request of GOL and to check for the eligibility of any ticket on which the VoeBiz Points are accumulated or of any person who benefits of VoeBiz Prize Tickets or another prize, the Member Company should supply a valid evidence of identity or another document for eligibility checking. If this is not done within the time defined by GOL, this will automatically result in the suspension or termination of the VoeBiz General Conditions of the Member Company.

10.2 If inconsistencies and/or violations are detected during the checking, GOL will have the right to suspend the processing of the VoeBiz Points, VoeBiz Prize Tickets and other prizes or advantages till the inconsistencies and/or violations are satisfactorily cleared up to GOL.

11.1 GOL and the Partner Airlines may not be held responsible for cases of unauthorized enrollment and/or use of the VoeBiz Program and/or fraudulent acts performed by the Travel Managers.

11.2 11.2 If irregularities are detected, the Travel Manager should contact the VoeBiz Service Center immediately and block the Member Company account. The Member Company shall be the sole party responsible for any loss resulting from the (presumed) incorrect use of a VoeBiz account, such as the unauthorized exchange of VoeBiz Points or the sharing of password and login information with third parties not authorized or indicated in the reference data of the Member Company.

11.3 GOL shall not assume any responsibility whatsoever regarding any damage, death, delay, injury or loss resulting from or related to the services, prizes or advantages, either supplied or not supplied by GOL and Partner Airlines, except in the event that said damages or losses result from negligence by GOL or if they are caused with the intention to generate said damages, with imprudence or with knowledge of the fact that the damages were foreseeable. GOL shall not be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the suspension or a change in the VoeBiz Program.

11.4 The Member Company is bound to comply with the anticorruption laws and regulations. The noncompliance with the anticorruption law by the Member Company or in the event of well-grounded signs that the Member Company has practiced any act harmful to the Public Administration, as defined in the legislation in force, shall be regarded as a violation of the regulations and will entitle GOL to exclude the Member Company from the VoeBiz Program.

11.5 GOL shall not be responsible for actions, damages or losses arising from or related to the nonfulfillment by the Member Company of the Anticorruption Law or related to the exclusion of the Member Company from the regulations under the terms of this Section. The Member Company shall indemnify and exempt GOL from any such responsibilities, actions and/or losses or damages, as applicable.

11.6 The VoeBiz Program is governed and interpreted according to the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil.

12.1 Despite all care and concern by GOL regarding the VoeBiz Program, any complaint that a Member Company may have regarding the VoeBiz or any part of the program should be submitted to the VoeBiz Service Center.

12.2 VoeBiz Contact and service information is available from the VoeBiz Portal.

13.1 The Member Company expressly acknowledges the exclusive ownership of GOL regarding the VoeBiz trademark, as well as the products and services related to it. The adhesion to the VoeBiz Program does not imply and much less leads to any kind of license or authorization to allow the Member Company to make a free or remunerated use of the VoeBiz trademark. Any and all use of the VoeBiz trademark shall always revert to the exclusive benefit of GOL.

13.2 The Member Company acknowledges the right of Gol to amend, modify or update, at any time and by its unilateral act, the rules, terms and conditions of these Regulations. Any amendment, change or update shall be notified in advance to the Member Companies by the VoeBiz Portal, VoeBiz Publications or by an e-mail from the Travel Manager. If the Member Company continues to use the VoeBiz Program after the notice of amendment, change or update of these Regulations, this shall characterize the acceptance of the implemented changes in compliance with the provisions of Section 8.2.

13.3 The VoeBiz Program Regulations, as well as their possible amendments, changes or updates, are public documents and are duly registered with a Register of Deeds and Documents of Legal Entities in the City of São Paulo.

13.4 This Instrument shall become effective on April 1, 2018 and shall continue in force for an undetermined period, canceling and superseding previous contracts and their respective amendments.

13.5 The VoeBiz Program may, at any time and by a unilateral act of GOL, be suspended, terminated or changed, or have its management transferred upon a prior notice to the Member Companies by the VoeBiz Portal, VoeBiz Publications or by an e-mail. In any case, the right of the Member Company regarding its accumulated VoeBiz Points till the date of suspension, termination or change will be protected in compliance with the provisions of Section 8.4.

13.6 The cases not covered by these regulations will be handled directly by the Member Company and the administration of the VoeBiz Program. Any tolerance regarding the nonfulfillment or omission in the enforcement of its rights by GOL shall not constitute a waiver, ineffectiveness or novation of rights and the obligations agreed herein, nor shall it prevent GOL, even if out of the appropriate time, from requiring the enforcement of such rights and obligations.

13.7 13.7 Any exceptions to the rules, terms and conditions of these Regulations shall only be valid if they are covered by a written document signed by the legal representatives of GOL.

13.8 GOL shall not be regarded to be in default regarding any right or obligation covered by these Regulations if the reason for nonfulfillment arises from an Act of God or force majeure as established by the Brazilian Civil Code, Law No. 10.406 of January 10, 2002.

13.9 All rules, terms and conditions in these Regulations are independent. Likewise, in the event that, for any reason, any of their rules, terms or conditions are considered to be invalid, unenforceable or illegal, in the whole or in part, by a court or competent arbitrator, the validity or enforceability of the remain rules, terms and conditions shall not be affected.

13.10 GOL shall make the Customer Service and Relationship resources available through several media as set forth in these Regulations.

13.11 These Regulations shall be governed, interpreted and enforced according to the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil, regardless of conflicts of these laws with the laws of other states or countries. The court of the location that the Member Company may deem to be the most pertinent in Brazil shall be the competent court for the settlement of any controversy arising from this instrument.